IDISIL® Product Portfolio

About our colloidal Silica Portfolio


We are offering peanut-shaped, spherical and dry IDISILĀ® Colloidal Silica grades in different particle sizes and with customized functionalization. Check out which grade fits best to your specific requirements.

Our IDISILĀ® Colloidal Silica product portfolio is characterized by high monodispersity, ultra-high purity and is available in different shapes. With our experience in specialty Silanes we can offer functionalized particles to suit highly demanding applications.

Evonik is well known for consistent quality of products and reliability. As a leading specialty chemicals company, we have the production equipment and analytical capabilities to guarantee consistent results.  Furthermore, we are able to minimize by-product waste production through our sustainable production process.

Regarding Innovation, our Colloidal Silica team is convinced, that the key to success is the joint collaboration with customers. If you are interested in joint developments or closer collaboration, please get in contact with us