IDISIL for Toner Applications

IDISIL® improves Performance of Toner For laser printer

With our IDISIL® portfolio we can provide multiple solutions to enhance the performance of the formulations of Toner manufacturers.

Colloidal Silica in powder form with its uniform particle shape and very narrow particle size distribution can be used to improve the performance of toner. This results in enhanced durability and high performance of the toner. With the right surface modification, the Colloidal Silica particles can act as a spacer - we are able to customize our IDISIL® particles based on your formulation.

In addition, IDISL® Colloidal Silica particles offer multiple possibilities to improve the performance of the Toner like improving the cohesion, charge stability and free flow of the toner particles.

Our IDISL® grades offer the following advantages:

  • Cohesion

  • Tribocharge/ Charge stability

  • Free-flow

  • Spacing

LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO Improve The performance Of your toner!