IDISIL® for Medical Applications

IDISIL® is advantageous in biomedical applications

Evonik's Colloidal Silica particles can be used in biomedical applications such as drug delivery, sensors and imaging as well as pharmaceutical additives.

Colloidal Silica particles have an easy to functionalize surface, capacity for encapsulation, high and controllable porosity and low toxicity.

Using Evonik’s expertise in Silica surface functionalization and Silane chemistry we can design efficient excipients for your drug molecules. If chemical bonding is not desired or if controlled release is required, we can tailor the architecture of particles to Mesoporous Silica or Hollow Silica to entrap the target molecules and release them at a controlled rate. 

Our IDISL® grades offer the following advantages for medical applications:

  • Discrete particles

  • Monodisperse

  • Scalable - few grams to several tons 

  • Particle sizes ranging from few nm to µm 

  • Available in different solvents

  • Diverse surface functionalization available

  • Tailored hollow particles possible

Let’s work together to design your ideal drug carrier!