IDISIL for Specialty Coatings application

Idisil® improves Performance of Specialty Coatings

IDISIL® Colloidal Silica can be used in a variety of coating applications to improve coating properties. For example adding IDISIL® in certain coatings can improve properties such as binding, hardness, anti-blocking and scratch resistance.

IDISIL® Colloidal Silica nanoparticles are spherical, available in different particle sizes and their surface can be functionalized. 

Moreover, low refractive index values can be achieved with IDISIL® Colloidal Silica used in antireflective coatings. Antireflective coatings help to reduce reflections on optical lenses and other optical surfaces.

Through our diverse product portfolio, we can offer aqueous dispersions as well as dispersions in other solvents.   IDISIL® particle surface can be modified with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ligands to get the desired properties.

Our IDISL® grades offer the following advantages in Specialty Coatings:

  • Very narrow particle size distribution, no fines or large particles

  • Particle hardness for better abrasion resistance

  • Customized surface modification possible to achieve best performance

  • Dispersions in water and a variety of solvents available

  • High temperature resistance and UV stability

Let's work together to find the Ideal IDISL® Grade for your Coatings Formulation!