Colloidal Silica Applications

IDISIL® is designed to perform in a broad range of industries and applications. Please find below exemplary applications of our IDISIL® Colloidal Silica products.  If your targeted application is missing in our list, please get in touch with us if you need further information. We are also striving for new joint developments.

IDISIL® for Chemical Mechanical Planarization

CMP - Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Evonik has the capabilities and experience necessary to supply AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and IDISIL® products that satisfy the stringent requirements of semiconductor applications. 

IDISIL® for Printing Inks Applications


Colloidal Silica in powder form with its uniform particle shape and very narrow particle size distribution is used to improve the print quality of toner. This results in higher print resolution and enhanced durability of the toner. 

IDISIL® for Chromatography


Separation efficiency is highly dependent on the nature of the stationary phase particles. IDISIL® particles can help you to achieve better packed columns owning to their narrow particle size distribution (PSD).

IDISIL® for Medical Applications

Medical Applications

Evonik’s IDISIL® Colloidal Silica particles can be used in biomedical applications such as
drug delivery, sensors and imaging and pharmaceutical additives. 

IDISIL® for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

IDISIL® Colloidal Silica nanoparticles with its ideal spherical particle shape is used as resin modifier to improve the coefficient of thermal expansion as well as to enhance resin flow by acting as a spacer in between larger particles.

IDISIL® for Specialty Coatings application

Specialty Coatings

IDISIL® can improve the functionalities of Specialty Coatings, where high performance is needed. Properties such as binding, hardness, anti-blocking and abrasion resistance can be enhanced.